Experience the wonder of Ticino... on your bike

Bike tours for all levels in the valleys of Ticino, including Lake Maggiore Region (Ticino & Italy), Gottardo Alps, Ticino Valleys & Val Grande National Park

Soak in the colours

Forget your daily troubles and dive into a fantastic experience of nature on your bike.

Riding Ticino mountain biking trails will bring you lots of smiles and wows as you enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of Europe.

PLUS we will introduce you to the rich treasures of these mythical valleys – the many untold stories of its heroes and heroines.

You will get to taste its unique food, get glimpses into its rich culture, animal life and the experience the boundless energy of the Gotthard mountains.

Hear the sounds of nature and watch the clouds dance

Guided epic trails
Bike shuttle
Tech skills session
Hut-to-hut multi day
Custom trail trips
Local services

Breathe in the pure air and get above it all

Ticino mountain biking adventures for all levels.